G&G Systems is a leader in iDAS & oDAS systems in the Las Vegas Valley, having successfully completed installations at many major resort properties.

PIM/Sweep Testing

With certifications and the industry’s latest test equipment, G&G Systems is outfitted to provide the specialty testing DAS systems require.

Maintenance & Service

Tools, technicians, training, and 24-hour response for both routine maintenance and critical service to meet your needs and reduce downtime.

Indoor & Outdoor Distributed Antenna Systems

In-building DAS has become the focus of many of the Las Vegas resorts and venues to keep their customers connected to the outside world. G&G Systems began installing iDAS systems in 2006 with the construction of the Palazzo Resort and Casino.  Since then, G&G Systems has installed countless systems throughout the Las Vegas Valley for carriers, third party neutral hosts, as well as independently owned systems. Most notably, G&G Systems built the iDAS for the T-Mobile Arena, MGM Grand Garden Arena, World Market Center, Sands Expo Center, Circus Circus, Venetian Tower, Signature Tower, Mirage Tower, MGM Low-Rise, and the Conference Center at MGM.

Outdoor DAS systems are starting to find their way into large downtown and resort districts along with outdoor sporting and recreation venues. G&G Systems has installed both single outdoor sector systems which cover a resorts’ outdoor area and systems with up to a dozen sectors covering major sporting venues. oDAS systems have been installed by G&G Systems at The Las Vegas Motor Speedway, The Park at NYNY Casino, and the Westin at Lake Las Vegas so their customers can stay connected while enjoying the outdoor amenities these properties provide.

PIM/Sweep Testing

With the installation of any in-building DAS, comes coax testing. Without proper coax testing, the system has not been completely verified for issues that arise during installation, connectorization, and system assembly. G&G Systems is up to date with all carrier required certifications which include sweep and PIM testing.  G&G Systems currently owns Anritsu PIM testers for 700, 850, and 1900/2100 bands, along with employing technicians who are certified on the proper use and understand line sweep and PIM measurements. All cables are individually tested to verify quality of work, then system tests are performed to ensure proper RF paths from the remote through the antenna. This procedure ensures all installations are built to perform at peak traffic, and provides a baseline measurement to match, should there be any issues or signal degradation in the future.

Maintenance & Service

G&G Systems has a team of technicians, tools, training and test equipment to service and maintain in-building DAS installations. G&G Systems currently maintains DAS installations at numerous properties which include major resorts, sporting venues, convention meeting space, casino’s, and more. These systems are owned and operated by neutral host companies, carriers, and independent building owners who prefer to have a properly maintained DAS. G&G Systems has a 24-hour response procedure when requesting service, which minimizes downtime, creating a better experience for all end users.


  • iBwave
    • Level 3 Certified
  • AT&T
    • 5-step Certified (ND6420)
  • Anritsu
    • Line Sweep
    • Passive InterModulation (PIM) 700, 850, 1900/2100
  • Exfo
    • OTDR/iOLM

  • Fluke
    • DTX-1800
    • DSX-5000
  • Corning
    • Network of Preferred Installers (NPI)
    • Fiber Optic Design (CFD)
    • Fiber Installation (CFI)
    • Fiber Testing & Troubleshooting (CCFT)
    • MA1000/2000/HX/GX
    • ONE

  • Commscope
    • Ion-B Installation & Commissioning
    • Ion-M Installation & Commissioning
  • TE Connectivity
    • Prism Installation & Commissioning
    • Spectrum Installation & Commissioning
    • Fusion Installation & Commissioning
  • Solid
    • Express Installation & Commissioning
    • Alliance Installation & Commissioning